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Should Your Family Have A Home Visit Podiatrist?

As we grow older, accessing healthcare services can grow considerably harder. Pain from conditions like arthritis can make us eager to move as little as possible, arranged transport services can let us down, mobility or balance issues can make it difficult to get ready and attend an appointment, concerns about sharing waiting rooms when you’re a vulnerable member of society can make us delay care - and for many older adults, simply leaving the comfort of their own home can become very unappealing.

Despite these barriers - and many more - our foot health needs only increase with age, often being a key determinant in our quality of life and our everyday comfort. This is exactly why in 2021, we expanded from our strong reputation and trusted name in aged care podiatry for facilities and rest homes, and launched our home visit podiatry service throughout Tauranga - because no person, or their feet, should be left behind.

Here are a few things our patients are loving about their home podiatry care with us - and why you should consider it for your older family members, too.

1. Extra COVID And Sickness Protection

With COVID currently being very prevalent in New Zealand, alongside the seasonal colds and flus that we experience annually, having your podiatrist come to you reduces your exposure during transportation and in waiting rooms, lowering your risk of falling sick. Your podiatrist will never work while unwell, and will always adhere to high safety measures including masks, gloves and eye protection to help keep you safe in your home.

2. Full, Comprehensive Podiatry Service - No Exception

While it may be natural to think that mobile podiatry means a reduced service range, this couldn’t be further from the case with Vital Feet’s services and team. We have invested in all the right tools and technologies to offer a full, complete podiatry service range with no exceptions. From a portable burr to thin out thick toenails, to everything we need to remove painful corns easily. We can even undertake a complete assessment for custom foot orthotics as an extra service for those where orthotics are indicated due to other foot problems they may have.

3. Safety & Hygiene

Our podiatry services put your foot health first - including using medical-grade steam sterilisation protocols for all of our instruments and ensuring that nothing touches your feet that don’t put your safety and well-being first. This is very different from opting for home-based pedicures, for example, where beauticians are not required by law to professionally sterilise instruments, and they may simply be dipped in water or wiped down between uses.

4. The Comfort Of Your Own Home

One of the many things that our patients love is being able to stay in familiar surroundings, in the comfort of their own home. This means that there is less disruption to their day, fewer things for them to organise to attend the appointments, and no waiting times in appointment rooms.

5. Your Feet Are Cared For Rain, Hail Or Shine

Bad weather is a big deterrent for many to leave home and attend appointments. For others, rainy weather and slippery conditions can also put them at risk, particularly where they have a risk of slipping and falling. Mobile podiatry services mean that regardless of your mobility levels or the challenges that weather can present, your feet are always cared for and your foot health maintained.

6. Trusted Podiatrists To Build A Relationship With

We’re a small and highly experienced team of podiatrists who understand how nice it is to see a regular face who gets to know you and your feet, and can care for them over time. This is why you’ll be designated a dedicated podiatrist for your home visits that you can build a relationship with.

7. No Mess

Our goal is always to leave your home in the same state as when we arrive - no mess, no rubbish left behind, and not a trace that we were there except on your feet that look and feel much better, and the smile on your face.

8. Reliability And Care

Unlike other services in life that are unpredictable, frequently late, or feel like a brief or impersonal interaction, we pride ourselves on being extremely reliable, communicating well, and delivering a caring service - because we genuinely care. As practitioners that have dedicated their careers to caring for the health of others, we always try to go that extra mile for our patients.

9. Save On Transportation Costs

New Zealand’s financial climate means that every expense matters. By having us come to you, you don’t have to worry about organising or paying for transport, saving you time and money.

We’re Servicing Tauranga And The Surrounds

We’re proud to be delivering exceptional care to Tauranga and the surrounding areas and are currently expanding our patient base, for both patients that are new to podiatry and those wanting to make the switch from in-clinic podiatry to home-based podiatry care. We are currently servicing these areas:

  • Gate Pa
  • Greerton
  • Hairini
  • Maungatapu
  • Merivale
  • Poike
  • Tauranga CBD
  • Tauranga South
  • Welcome Bay
  • Bellevue
  • Bethlehem
  • Brookfield
  • Judea
  • Oropi
  • Otūmoetai
  • Pyes Pa
  • Tauriko
  • Arataki
  • Kairua
  • Matapihi
  • Mount Maunganui
  • Moturiki Island
  • Omanu
  • Papamoa Beach
  • Ohauiti
  • Matua

To learn more about our services or book in your first visit, call Lisa on 07 571 2233.