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Older feet deserve thoughtful, safe & meaningful podiatry care.

Our professional, dedicated & reliable podiatrists provide exceptional foot care for aged care facilities (Rest Homes). We are based in Tauranga, and care for facilities as far as Waihi and Rotorua.

Meet some of our valued clients

Care from the comfort of your facility

We offer a comprehensive and inclusive aged care podiatry service for every resident. We are fully equipped with everything required to provide the same high-quality care you expect from a clinic in your village or care facility (Rest Home).


Quality foot care is vital for your residents' health

With age comes the tendency for our bodies to not work quite like they used to - and after decades of walking, running and living, our feet are no exception. This makes excellent foot care critical for your residents - and an important part of maintaining their mobility, independence, and well-being. We understand that for many, travelling to professional clinics often poses a barrier to receiving quality care - which is why we bring world-class care right to your doorstep.

Why invite us to your facility?

For our team, delivering excellent aged care podiatry care to every resident is just the beginning. We are on a mission for better health, one pair of feet at a time. We take the time to make every interaction a meaningful one, delivered and received with kindness, genuine care, and a warm smile. Knowledge is power, which is why we take the time to answer questions, educate and go beyond what is expected.

We love our facilities, too.

Alongside improving the lives of the residents we treat, it’s important to us to build strong relationships with our facilities - and to make your podiatry days easier - not confounded by additional hassle. We see ourselves as a team that is founded on respect, reliability and always going the extra mile to do the right thing.

Your feet are in good hands

Lisa Kearney

Owner & Senior Rest Home Podiatrist - BHSc Hons Podiatry.

Our rest home specialist Lisa is an NZ-registered podiatrist and member of Podiatry NZ. It was Lisa’s passion for exceptional service with a smile that founded Vital Feet Podiatry in 2017. With extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of podiatry, Lisa quickly noticed that her favourite days were those where she’d care for residents of aged care facilities, building genuine relationships and providing care that could make a real impact on the comfort and well-being of those under her care.


Years of Experience


Smiling Clients




Happy Aged Care Facilities

Benefits and Guarantees

Service with a smile

Every treatment is performed using the highest level of safety, sterility & hygiene protocols. We’re first aid trained, highly experienced in aged care and mobile treatment provision, and we continue to upskill every year to be the best we can be. Every resident’s unique foot concerns are always addressed using evidence-based care. More than this, we’re reliable, fiercely loyal to our facilities, prioritise excellent communication, and measure a key aspect of our success against the relationships we foster with your team and the meaningful interactions with your residents.


✔️ Foot health maintenance at every appointment: corn removal, callus debridement, elongated nail reduction, thinning of thickened toenails, ingrown toenail management, diabetic foot health status checks, wound care, deformities and circulation & sensation management

✔️ Orthotics & footwear

✔️ Falls prevention management

✔️ A podiatry care plan for every resident for their file, with consideration to their holistic health & wellbeing

✔️ Knowledge shared at each appointment with a focus on educating the resident on how to best look after their feet and prevent future complications

✔️ Verbal and written handover reports so you have the full picture of your residents’ foot health and any concerns at every visit

✔️ Bookings for emergency podiatry sessions available to manage any urgent or unexpected events

✔️ Care for patients with dementia, those that are wheelchair-bound, or are affected by a variety of other medical conditions

Don't just take our word for it!

“Lisa has been attending to the Podiatry Services of Fergusson Rest Home Rotorua since 2017. Lisa has a lovely caring nature and interacts very well with all our Residents. She keeps meticulous documentation and does, when required, discuss any concerns she has regarding the Resident's podiatry with our Registered Nurses on-site. Residents and staff are delighted to have Lisa attend Fergusson Home, she has such a bright enthusiastic personality and the Residents respond very well to her.”

Christine Allen, Nurse Manager at the Fergusson Retirement Village, Rotorua.

Our Service Area

If you're unsure whether we can come to you, you're welcome to give us a call and we'll get back to you.

Home Visit Podiatry

We treat private homes in Tauranga and the surrounding suburbs.

Aged Care Facility Podiatry

We extend our travel bounds for Aged Care (Rest Homes) facility visits to all over the Bay of Plenty and Waikato region.

Your safety comes first

Your safety is our priority. Rest assured that all our staff are fully vaccinated and always strictly follow all COVID-19 guidelines. Your podiatrist will only visit if they are in full health with no exceptions.