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OnyFix: NZ’s #1 Painless Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are a painful, frustrating and often recurring problem for up to 5% of New Zealanders, including many of the older adults that our mobile podiatrists see and treat in their homes or at their aged care facility.

While traditional treatment of ingrown toenails involves an in-clinic appointment with your podiatrist where they use tools to dig down and remove the part of the nail that has become ingrown, this process can be painful and uncomfortable unless local anaesthetic is injected. While this can offer the much-needed pain relief by removing the problematic nail spicule, it does nothing to stop the nail from becoming ingrown again as it continues to grow out, especially if it’s the curved shape of the nail that is making you more vulnerable to recurring ingrown toenails.

While having ingrown toenail surgery could offer a more permanent solution, we found that its invasive nature and long recovery time was unsuitable for the majority of our patients, with many being unable to have the procedure due to problems with their circulation, having an insufficient capacity for good healing and repair, the infection risk, having diabetes, mobility issues and more.

We knew there had to be a better way - and there was. Now, our mobile podiatry team couldn’t be more excited to announce the recent edition of the Onyfix Painless Ingrown Toenail Treatment. Here’s everything you need to know about Onyfix and how it works.

What Is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a nail correction system that restores the nail to a natural, flatter shape - as opposed to one that curves painfully down into the nail. It uses an adjustable hardened composite (resin) that is set in a strip on top of a painful, pinched, curved or ingrown toenail. Think of it as a brace - except one that is fastened to the nail so you don’t need to remove or reapply it, or do anything else once it is set. As Onyfix doesn’t use any tension, every step of the process is completely painless.

How Is It Applied - Can It Be Done In My Home?

Yes, all of our treatments are completed in your home or at your retirement village or aged care facility. Applying Onyfix is completed by your qualified podiatrist and is simple and seamless for you.

First, your podiatrist prepares the nail, using a burr to roughen the surface so the priming material will take a firm, long-lasting hold. The primer is then applied and dried using an LED blue light lamp. This takes only 20 seconds. Next, your podiatrist will carefully shape the composite material in a strip at the top of your nail, close to the nail base. The strip is hand-moulded by your podiatrist and doesn’t come pre-made, meaning it’s always the perfect fit and shape for your nail.

The strip your podiatrist creates is smooth, flat and no higher than 2mm, so it won’t irritate you or catch on any socks. As no pressure is applied (we don’t need to push down on the strip), the process remains painless, even if you currently have an ingrown toenail. The composite is then hardened with the blue light and your toe is ready!

Is Onyfix Better Than Other Ingrown Toenail Treatments?

As podiatrists that have been treating ingrown nails for decades, we love that Onyfix overcomes so many of the disadvantages of alternative ingrown toenail treatments. It is also clinically proven to be effective. Specifically, we love that:

  • The process is completed simply and seamlessly
  • There is no downtime
  • Treatment is painless
  • It’s suitable for people with diabetes, problems with healing, circulation and more
  • It is uniquely moulded to each person - it’s not one-size-fits-all
  • Treatment is applied in the comfort of your home as it would be in a clinic
  • It works on the natural shape of the nail
  • Patients can still shower and perform daily activities normally, including wearing nail polish, without restrictions

How Long Does It Take To See Results Using Onyfix?

We recommend using Onyfix for a minimum of 2-3 months to help you get the best, long-lasting results. Depending on how severely your toenail is curved, it may take longer and multiple strips may be required simultaneously, up to three or four, applied at six-weekly intervals. As the strip is applied to the base of the nail, as your nail grows, the strip will grow with it and continue to work. Both you and your podiatrist will be able to monitor progress over time and discuss the need for any extra applications. Some of our patients use the strips for six months or longer - but don’t worry, they’re barely noticeable on your nails and there’s no discomfort.

Is Onyfix Safe?

Yes it is. There are very few situations where we would not recommend Onyfix, such as if your nail is largely detached from the nail bed beneath it. Your podiatrist can have a look at your appointment and let you know if there may be any issues - though this is uncommon.

How Long Does The Nail Keep Its Flat Shape?

Your toenail should remain in its flat shape indefinitely unless the nail suffers some kind of trauma, damage, or other problem that affects the integrity of the nail.

Getting Onyfix At Your Next Appointment With Our Mobile Podiatrists In Tauranga

If you’re looking for a safe, painless and effective solution to your ingrown toenail - or you have a curved or pinched nail shape that causes you discomfort, we’d love to help. You can either book an appointment for Onyfix directly, or add it to your next nail care appointment with us - just let us know as your appointment will run longer.

Book your Onyfix treatment by calling our team on 07 571 2233.


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