Our Services

Our goal is to provide top quality podiatry in Tauranga. What makes us different from other podiatrist within Tauranga, is that we are 100% mobile and only offer mobile podiatry in Tauranga. Whether this be podiatry at a rest home or podiatry in your home, we are able to bring the podiatry clinic to you.


Tauranga Mobile Podiatry

We are experts in mobile podiatry within Tauranga. We are passionate about the importance of home-based podiatry services. We understand that many clients can experience difficulty getting to and from health care appointments in the community. We believe we make it easer by offering an expert in-home Podiatry service within Tauranga. 

Rest Home Podiatry

We work with a wide range of Rest Home, Hospital, Retirement Village and Dementia Facilities across the wider Tauranga area. Providing accessible expert podiatry care to residents is our passion.



Our home visit podiatrists are highly qualified and well equiped with all the tools necessary to provide a top quality and safe in-home podiatry service. Our services are particularly beneficial but not limited to the elderly and disabled whom may experience difficulty reaching and attending to their own feet. We provide mobile podiatry in Tauranga so there is no need to travel to a clinic, as our podiatrists come directly to you.